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“Won’t my dog only follow commands because of treats?”

This is a common misconception with positive reinforcement training. In all reality, treats are only a part of a small percentage when it comes to reinforcement.  For example; when I teach your dog a behavior, and they do the behavior, I reward them with a treat. This is vastly different from me waving food in front of your dog and hoping they'll continue to do what I ask. Using treats helps solidify a command and creates repetition of the positive behavior. Using treats helps them create a positive association to something they once thought was negative. When we use treats correctly, we are able to fade treats out, and are left with a dog who can follow commands because they want to.  This is why using positive words, petting, toys, running, sniffing, access to the environment, and nose work are also huge forms of reinforcements. It is amazing what you can achieve with just a little bit of food and some kindness. 

Do you use punishment, force, fear, intimidation, harsh training tools, or yelling?

When you use any of these training tactics you can make the behavior worse. This can lead to your dog becoming aggressive because they may stand up for themselves. It can also cause the behavior to repeat because you are inadvertently reinforcing the behavior by scolding them over and over. I don’t train this way because it does not produce results, it is inhumane, and it can make matters worse. 

How do lessons work?

Lessons are conducted at your home or in outdoor areas that we have confirmed together, for specific outings. Your appointment date and time are chosen by you. 

What types of behavior problems do you handle? 

I handle a variety of behavioral problems/disorders, but not limited to separation anxiety, general anxiety, resource guarding, reactivity, handling problems, multi-pet issues, common puppy behaviors like mouthing and potty training, leash walking, lunging, jumping, and nipping.  

Do you guarantee results? 

No. Professional dog trainers consider offering training guarantees unethical. It is virtually impossible to say that your dog will perform a learned behavior in 100% of the circumstances. I will always work with your dog's safety in mind first before results.

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