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Summer Tips for Dogs

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Keep reading to find out ways to keep you pup cool this summer, as well as precautions to take, and some fun frozen foods!

Welcome to my first blog post!

Keeping your pup cool while having fun and getting their energy out!

Cheech and Honey keeping cool in the pool! I taught them to splash and blow bubbles to make it extra fun and mentally draining. They love to run around and dive into the pool to cool them down.

The pool is a used stained pool. If your dog isn't getting dirty are they truly having fun?

A inexpensive $10 pool is a great way to have fun in the sun!

Room temperature or cool water on your dogs paw pads and belly will help their temperature drop. Ice cold water is not a good idea. Cooling too quickly can actually be just as dangerous as heat exhaustion.

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Careful walking your dog in this summer heat!

Cheech loves his $10 booties from Petco! They protect his feet and give him a pop of color.

Always test the floor your pup will be walking on. You can do so by placing the palm of your hand on the floor for 5 seconds. If it is to hot for you then it is to hot for your loved one. Walking on the grass and in the shade as much as possible. Parks and god parks are great places to go for walks on a summer day.

Frozen Foods

My favorite food to eat in the summer is watermelon. There are so many ways to enjoy this healthy snack. My favorite way is to blend them up pour them into and ice cube tray or water bowl, and freeze. This will mentally tire them out as they try to gobble it up. It gives them something to do when it is to hot for play. I also make a smoothie for myself to enjoy. This tasty snack has water in it to help keep your pup hydrated. *Remove seeds from watermelon before sharing with your pup. Watermelon seed are very beneficial to us hoomans.

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