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Disaster to proud in 6 weeks 

Puppy program


You’ll learn a scientifically proven process and receive a customized plan for new puppy owners to reduce frustration, improve their Puppy’s behavior, and regain tranquility in their home. FORCE FREE 

  • Immediate relief from puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing. 

  • Ability to walk your dog with joy in public and around distractions. 

  • No longer feeling embarrassed by your dog's actions when having guests over. 

  • Ability to go out in public, hiking, and parks with confidence and pride. 

  • Ability to leave your dog alone knowing they’ll be content and peaceful, without worry. 

  • Knowing your dog will have the basics under their belt. 

  • Having your dog perform a service dog task to help you and others suffering from a disability. Which helps create inhibition in your puppy.

  • The whole family will be on the same page for their dog‘s training. 

  • Confidence in what you are doing and how you’re handling your puppy. 

  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your new puppy inside and out. 

  • Know how to take care of your dog's basic grooming needs like nail trims. (fewer vet visits!)


  1. Starting Basic Obedience 

  2. Potty Training

  3. Relief Of Common Puppy Problems such as Mouthing, Jumping, and Barking

  4. 1 Service Dog Task (Deep Pressure Therapy) 

  5. Behavior Preventives 

  6. Socialization

  7. Grooming and Vet Handling Care

  8. Adequate Information On Dog Behavior and Body Language 



  1. 6 Private Lessons

  2. Welcome Packet With Handouts and Explanation Videos 

  3. How- To Online Course 

  4. 3 Essential Puppy Toys/Enrichment Tools

  5. 1 Crate or Gate Barrier

  6. 2 Laminated Signs For Entry Ways For Guest

  7. 2 Treat Buckets for Easy-Access Reward Stations

  8. A Bag Of Treats By Loving Dog Bakery

  9. Treat Pouch

  10. Customized Shopping List For Your Needs

  11. Monthly Meet Ups (Free enrollment for 6 weeks)

  12. Office Hours for any needed help

  13. Curated List Of Online Resources

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