Services by Loving Dog Training in Clovis & Fresno, Bay Area California

      Private Dog Training - 1 hour 


       I will come to your home and help you with any "problem" behaviors. ​We can also go out in public to work around other distractions. Some examples are: Potty training, Jumping, Greeting Guest, Pulling on Leash, Counter Surfing, Chewing Shoes and Other Items, Running Out the Door, and more.

       Rehabilitating dogs is some of the most rewarding work I have done. I have seen real results using positive training methods. I use Counter Conditioning to train your dog to react positively rather than their current negative reaction to a stimulus(dog or person). Counter Conditioning and Desensitization will be used together to change an unwanted behavior, especially fearful and aggressive behaviors.

      This Includes: 

Reactivity & Aggression to People and Dogs. Resource Guarding, Barking, Leash Reactivity, Barrier Aggression, Separation/Crate Anxiety & More.

Puppy Package - 5 week package - Includes (5) 1 hour lessons

      It is very important to socialize your pup and start training at an early age. Without proper socialization they can develop behavioral issues. This is a 5 week service to help your puppy learn all the commandsto help set them up for success. Socalization to help build confidence, and  make positive associations to new experiences, socialization, handouts and tips to set your puppy up for success. In the puppy package we go over most behavior problems you see occur in puppies. We work on commands to help them before they start these behaviors. Some things we work on are socialization, ways to prevent resource guarding, leash pulling, reactivity, mouthing, jumping, potty training, barking, crate training, commands, a public outing, how to behave in the home, how to greet guest, and more.

Leash Walking - 30 minutes  or 1 hour 


      I will come to your home and walk the dog in your neighborhood, shopping centers, or on the trails! 

Does your dog pull on leash? Does your dog bark at people and/or dogs? Does your dog not want to walk on leash?

I train while on the walk! We work on not pulling on leash! We work on commands such as Come, Sit, Down, Stay, & Look. 

I work with reactive and aggressive dogs! I have experience working with 100+ lb aggressive/reactive dogs. 

Do you work all day and your pup is stuck at home? I come to your home and walk, feed, and take them to potty while you are at work, school, or running errands!

Service Dog Training - Private Training - 1 hour

     Suffering from Anxiety and PTSD I found that my dog was able to preform task to help me control my anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD and even prevent them from happening. The change I have seen in myself from the help of my service dog made me want to help others as well. Dogs want to work and even more they want to help us. Let me help your dog become the team mate you need. 

      Task Training:

Retrieve, Place object in Hand/Toy Box, Pull Open Door/Cabinet, & Close Door/Cabinet, Brace(helps you up), block(dog will block you from another person). 
Anxiety Alert: 
Stops you when you exhibit signs of Anxiety. Comforts you during Anxiety/Panic/PTSD/ attacks.
(Helps with many different mental disability not just the ones listed.) 

      I have had the pleasure of training 20+ service dogs. I have trained with many different breeds of dogs to become service dogs. Some Breeds I have trained are: Yorkies, PitBulls, Labs, Doodles, Golden Retrievers, Akita, Huskies, Australian Cattle Dog,  German Shepherds, and more! From 5lb dogs to 100lb dogs. Age is but a number from 12 weeks too senior age.


      All dogs will be temperament tested to ensure they are the right fit for the job. 
If you are looking for a service dog and do not yet own a dog give me a call so that I can help you pick the perfect dog for you. 

I have seen the help, love, and change a service dog can bring to their owner. For this reason I am committed to helping your dog get there every step of the way.

Pet Sitting - 1 hour check ins - Overnight includes 2 free 30 minute check ins for dinner and breakfast 


      I worked at a board and train for 3 years. There I took care of hundreds of dogs. You can trust that I will take the upmost care of your loved one. I will provide pictures and updates. Visits include: Feeding, Water, Exercise, Play, Mental and Physical Exercise, Love, Potty Break, Medication, Securing your pup and your home.  


Trick Training - 45 minutes 

      Peekaboo, Paw, Jump Over, Spin, Sit Pretty, Play Dead, Roll Over, Back Up, Crawl, Speak, Kiss, and More.

  • Lets go over goals and make a training plan! Get tips and more!

    30 min





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