Here at Loving Dog Training we go above and beyond for your family.

     Are you experiencing common puppy problems like; Mouthing, Jumping, Demanding Barking, Crate Training, Socialization, and Potty Training Accidents? 
Then this program is for you! We care about getting to the root of a problem and solving it!

New Puppy?

Our Puppy Program "Disaster To Proud In 6 Weeks" is available as private in-home lessons, or virtual learning formats.

We have spent years perfecting our Puppy Program. We give you immediate solutions for these common puppy problems in person and from handouts we've made! Our Proofing system helps tackle the issue before it turns to resource guarding, aggression, anxious behaviors.
Give your working breed a task and games to stop bored behaviors (digging, chewing, mouthing, etc.) and build a beautiful relationship. That's why we teach your puppy a Service Dog Task called Deep Pressure Therapy. 

Don't just believe our word. Take a look at our 5 STAR reviews from google. Our certifications confirm our knowledge is not phoney. 

Skills your puppy will acquire: 

  • 10 Foundational Go To Behaviors; Look, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Release Word, Leave-it, Drop, Get it, and Touch/Come. 

  • How to focus on you even around distractions. 

  • Staying by your side and focusing on you during a walk.

  • Learn what to do to ask for attention instead of jumping or barking. 

  • Feel more comfortable in their crate through out the day.

  • How to settle in their bed when guests come over​

  • Playing games to mentally tire them. 

  • Proper socialization with people and dogs.

  • Gaining trust in the groomer, vet, or the owner to allow physical handling of the body. 

  • A proper routine that will help them expect what the day will look like.

  • A specific Service Dog Task that is rarely taught to puppies who are not in a Service Dog Program.

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