New Puppy?

Here at Loving Dog Training we go above and beyond for your family.

 Are you experiencing common puppy problems like; Mouthing, Jumping, Demanding Barking, Crate Training, Socialization, and Potty Training Accidents? 

Then this program is for you! We care about getting to the root of a problem and solving it!

Our Puppy Program "Disaster To Proud In 6 Weeks" is available as private in-home lessons, or virtual learning formats.

 We give you immediate solutions for these common puppy problems in person and from handouts we've made!

  • Our Proofing system helps tackle the issue before it turns to resource guarding, aggression, and/or anxious behaviors.


  • Give your working breed a task and games to stop bored behaviors (digging, chewing, mouthing, etc.) and build a beautiful relationship. 

Don't just take believe our word. Take a look at our 5 STAR reviews from google. Our certifications confirm our knowledge is not phoney. 

Skills your puppy will acquire: 

  • 10 Foundational Go To Behaviors; Look, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Release Word, Leave-it, Drop, Get it, and Touch/Come. 

  • How to focus on you even around distractions. 

  • During a walk teach them to walk on a loose leash while still allowing them to sniff and enjoy their walk.

  • Learn what to do to ask for attention instead of jumping or barking. 

  • Feel more comfortable in their crate through out the day.

  • Your pup will learn how to self-soothe on their own. No treats no commands. 

  • Playing games to mentally tire them. 

  • Proper socialization with people, dogs, noises, and texture.

  • Gaining trust in the groomer, vet, and/or the owner to allow physical handling of the body. 

  • A proper routine that will help them expect what the day will look like.

  • How to properly greet guests.