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Loving Dog Training

     Looking to have your dream dog? One who behaves around DISTRACTIONS and not just for a treat! Let me make your dream a reality for you. 

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Does any of the following describe your current situation? Let me help you have a more relaxed life. Imagine not having to stress and worry about these problem behaviors again. 

  • Does it seem impossible to potty train your dog whether they are a puppy or a 3 year old dog. This only takes a few session to fix for a lifetime of relief! I also offer a handout to help with the training.

  • Is it to hard to have company over because your dog is jumping and barking at the door and everyone. I can teach your dog to stay on their bed till you release them to say hi! When they do go say hi they will do so politely without jumping, so that you can say hi to your friends! 

  • Let me help the family dog become part of your family with boundaries and manners! No one enjoys the family dog jumping on your children, mouthing, and playing to rough. 

  • Does your dog seem to ignore you in public or at home? Are you having to repeat a command 5 times before they listen? Imagine having a dog that listens to you the FIRST time you ask them to do something with or without a treat. They will want to listen out of love.

  • Does your dog pull you down every street while on walks? What happens when they see a squirrel or cat? Enjoy walks without any tension on the leash and your dog focused on you. Without any force or yelling. 

  • Are you afraid your dog will bolt out the door as soon as it opens? Have peace of mind knowing your dog will sit by any open door until released.

  • Do you come home to chewed up shoes every day? Does your dog pick up everything on the floor? Are they chewing up all your bushes? Let's stop that behavior before we have to pay that expensive vet bill or replace an expensive couch. 

  • Does your dog bark and loose their mind when they see another dog or person? Do you have anxiety when you think about running into another dog or person on a walk? Has that made you change your walking route? What if you could walk past another dog/person with confidence and focus from your dog?



  • Are you able to take your dog out in public with you? Take your dog shopping, to eat on the patio, or meet with friends, WITHOUT having to worry about them not listening.​​

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