Hi, I'm Viviana Esteves

Basic & Advanced Dog Trainer in Fresno & Clovis, California 

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Over 4 years of training experience

Hello, My name is Viviana Esteves and I am a professional dog trainer. I am a graduate from Animal Behavioral College & have three years of experience. Compassionate and kindness are my principle ways of training. I use scientifically based research to help your dog learn faster and have longer lasting results. I use Positive Reinforcement, Alternate Behaviors, Conditioning, Capturing, Lures, Alternate Behaviors, The Premack Principle, Extinction, Intermittent Reinforcement. I strive to be your dog's best friend to help them be best reach their full potential. Building trust with your loved one is always my first step. I do not use harmful tools. 

I keep my continuing education up to date by going to conferences, research, and working with other trainers.  My goal is to help you and your dog have a  better life together. 

There's No Place like Home

Have the luxury of private training inside your home. Most behavior problems occur in the home. This will allow us to work on the behaviors at the root of the problem. I will give you all the information and help you need along every step of the process. I am not judgmental and have had the pleasure of working on many different problem behaviors. As a dog owner and trainer I understand the sleepless nights, constant worrying, and stress that a dog can bring. I also know the love, help, and comfort a well behavied dog can bring. Let me help you and your loved one form a better bond.